No Team of Angels: Murder, Violence, and Land in Pakistan’s Largest City: Karachi

Author: Saba Imtiaz
Series: Singles
ISBN: Kindle: 978-3-944214-06-1
Paperback: 978-3-944214-07-8

In the summer of 2011, the morgues in Karachi ran out of space but the gun chambers never ran dry. Tens of people have died each year in an undeclared war that has no clear victors. Violence escalated this year leading to death tolls that even the city’s battle-weary residents found hard to believe. In their attempts to gain control over land – a prized commodity in a city that has grown dramatically to become Pakistan’s financial capital -- political parties and their criminal wings have waged war against each other using propaganda, threats, torture and weapons. Hundreds have been killed in Karachi over the past few years on the basis of their political affiliation, ethnicity, religious background or profession. No Team of Angels explores the reasons behind the killings and provides a background of the different groups that seek to dominate Karachi. Saba Imtiaz reports from the streets of Karachi, telling the stories of those leading the feuding groups as well as those who suffer at their hands. No Team of Angels explores their motives and how the fight for land has left a weak government, a hapless police force and a puzzled judiciary wondering how to bring an end to the bloody war.