First Draft Publishing is a small publishing project by Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn. Our long-term goal is to publish niche-interest books that might not hold much commercial value but that enrich our wider understanding. Many of the books we publish first became apparent to us during our own research; we found them invaluable for our own work. We look forward to bringing you more books and if you have come across a book that has done the same for your work, or want to write one yourself that you would like to find a home at First Draft Publishing, please get in touch.



Primary are First Draft Publishing's translations of memoirs written by history's eyewitnesses. Following the release of Kandahar Assassins and Obedience to the Amir we are pleased to announce a second book by Gumnam entitled Kandahar Heroes that dives even deeper into the local histories and stories of the Afghan jihad in southern Afghanistan. We will also be publishing Nick Fielding’s edited version of Lucy Atkinson's central Asia travel diaries, in all likelihood the first serious travel book written in English by a woman.

First Draft Publishing Originals are full-length new works and reportage from contemporary authors who have an authoritative grasp of their subject. Following the works of Akbar Agha and Sharif Fayez, First Draft Publishing is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of Abdul Hai Mutma’in’s exceptional account, Taliban: A Critical History from Within with a foreword by Dr Mike Martin. This pathbreaking book will be followed by another fascinating and unique account of secret efforts by the American government to convince the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden during the late 1990s: Delivering Osama is the autobiographical account of Kabir Mohabbat written together with Leah McInnis. The book’s foreword is written by award-winning journalist and author Graeme Smith.